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Winston Churchill honored on 50th anniversary of his death

January 24, 2015 - UNITED KINGDOM

The man voted the greatest Briton who ever lived in a BBC poll, Sir Winston Churchill, died 50 years ago at 90. His leadership and oratory as prime minister were credited with helping to steer Britain to victory in World War II.

The 50th anniversary observances will be nationwide. London Mayor Boris Johnson is adding to the many books about Churchill, a fellow Tory, for the occasion.

To mark the day, the National Railway Museum is restoring the locomotive, named the Winston Churchill, which hauled his funeral train. From the 51st anniversary of his death, Churchill's face will feature on UK £5 notes.

His admirers can count on new editions of Churchill's prolific output of historical writings - he won the 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature - and new television and print retrospectives.

Some retrospectives could revisit Churchill controversies. One was the Yalta Conference, at which United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Soviet Leader Joseph V. Stalin and Churchill signed an agreement in Feb 1945 that left Eastern Europe to Stalin and his successors for the next 45 years.

London's Churchill Museum opened to mark the 40th anniversary of his death.
He is buried in the Bladon Village churchyard near Blenheim Palace, his birthplace.

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Date written/update: 2014-02-10