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Senegal hosts meeting of internet watchdog

October 23, 2011 - DAKAR

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, meets in Dakar to review plans for an upcoming project and to review the success of another. The delegates from member countries are also likely to hear more about the impending collaboration of ICANN and Interpol, the global police force, which held talks recently for the first time. The two organizations are aiming to develop a work-sharing plan for internet governance that will address cyber crime stemming from the high-tech and financial sectors.

The first plan makes it possible for the Internet to explode with new domains, called gTLDs. People and enterprises will be able to create domain names of any kind in most languages, example: .CocaCola or .belgium-; that reflect a place, trademark or specific interest. ICANN, which coordinates the internet naming system, describes the development as historic and sees only benefits. ICANN argues that the gTLDs allow for more accurate domain names on the 1.6 billion-user World Wide Web. The second plan, already enacted, allows the addition of an .xxx domain as a red-light zone for cyberspace. Critics see the .xxx domain as an invitation to censorship by governments that object to pornography. India has already announced it will block .xxx entirely. In a recent statement, Interpol Secretary-General Ronald K Noble explained that broad similarities between the groups have provided a firm basis for collaboration. &lsquoBoth organizations are international, both are politically neutral and both are focused on the good of the world,' he said. &lsquoBoth also care about improving the security of the internet for the future.' The internet, he said, -; and neither do the criminals who exploit it. &lsquoAs the internet's role in society continues to increase in scope and importance,' he added, &lsquoit is vital for Interpol to help create bridges between the international law-enforcement community it represents and ICANN, in order to advance internet security practices for the benefit of all." A nonprofit corporation, ICANN coordinates the Internet naming system. WRITTEN Jun 2011)


Date written/update: 2011-10-23