Pope summons bishops to Vatican for summit on clerical sex abuse

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Pope Francis has summoned the presidents of the more than 100 bishops’ conferences from around the world to the Vatican to a sex abuse prevention summit. He has been criticized for being slow to address a scandal that has become global.

The Atlantic magazine notes that the summit signals that the Vatican finally recognizes clergy sex abuse is a global problem.

At the first of its kind meeting, the focus will be on protecting minors. It is expected that bishops will receive training in identifying abuse, intervening and listening to victims.

From Australian country towns to schools in Ireland and cities across the United States and Germany, the Catholic Church has faced an avalanche of child sexual abuse accusations.

America-Jesuit Review reported in December that Pope Francis has asked the presidents of the Catholics bishops’ conferences in every country to personally meet with victims of sexual abuse by clergy before coming to the February meeting. He feels these personal encounters are of inestimable importance if bishops are to properly understand and respond to the suffering of the victims and the great crisis in the church resulting from the abuse.

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Date written/update: 2018-11-05