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Palestinian farmers join international farmers’ movement

November 29, 2017 -

November 29, 2017, WEST BANK, Palestinian farmers launch La Via Campesina-Palestine at a conference in Ramallah. Palestine will be the first Arab member of the international farmers’ movement.

Fuad Abu Saif, the Director-General of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, told Al-Monitor, which reported the story, that the launch of the Palestine branch of the organization is vital. He explained that “Palestinian farmers are not only struggling under the bad economic situation or poverty, they are also denied access to their rights and are unable to exploit their resources controlled by Israel, amid marginalization and neglect by the Palestinian Authority and its government.”

According to La Via Campesina, the movement was founded in 1993 by agricultural organizations from different countries around the world as an independent movement opposed to globalization and global capitalism and its monopoly policies. It promotes food sovereignty as a political concept that requires sovereignty over land, resources and water, and is based on the right of nations and peoples to exploit their own resources.

Palestinian farmers go global to claim their rights (Al Monitor Oct 2017)

La Via Campedina