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Norse history

March 31, 2016 - SCOTLAND

Delegates from the UK, Finland, Canada and US discuss Norse place names and witchcraft at Firth and Fjords, a conference on the history of coastal areas.

Firths and Fjords: A Coastal History Conference will take place in Dornoch, Scotland from Thursday 31 March to Saturday 2 April. Over 70 delegates and presenters will travel from across the UK and from Finland, Canada and America to attend the three day event. As well as a range of international themes, the conference will also explore local subjects such as Norse place-names in Gaelic speaking areas, Brora’s salt industry, the creation of air services in the Northern and Western Isles and witch belief in Scottish coastal communities. Delegates will also have the opportunity to take part in social activities and excursions with whisky tasting at Royal Dornoch Golf Club, a ceilidh, music performances and a guided tour of Pictish sites on the Fearn Peninsula. He explained: “I am travelling from the USA to attend the Firths and Fjords conference because it is the first conference ever organized around the emerging field of coastal history. More than one billion people worldwide live in low-lying coastal regions that are especially vulnerable to climate change and many others live in heavily populated areas not far from the ocean. “Coastal history can help us understand how we got to this point and may offer perspectives on where to go from here.”

Firths and Fjords: A Coastal History Conference (Scotsman)