New UK banknote to defeat forgers?

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The Bank of England releases a new version of the UK’s most used and most forged banknote, the £20 note. A polymer banknote, it features the self-portrait of artist JMW Turner, and has security features that include two see-through windows on the note and a metallic hologram.

The BBC reports that there are two billion £20 notes in circulation, far greater than the number of £5 and £50 notes, which is part of the reason it is the most likely to be forged. Eighty-eight per cent of detected banknote forgeries in the first half of 2019 were £20 notes, according to the Bank.

The note, which includes Turner’s famous painting, The Fighting Temeraire, replaces the current £20 note featuring the economist Adam Smith.

£20 note: New design for Britain's most-forged banknote

Date written/update: 2019-11-05