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Kenya reruns presidential election after annulled first vote

October 17, 2017 -

October 17, 2017, KENYA The country’s Supreme Court, citing irregularities in the voting process, annulled the results of the Aug 8 presidential election won by the incumbent, Uhuru Kenyatta. His rival, opposition leader Raila Odinga, plans to boycott the rerun unless it comes with "legal and constitutional" guarantees.

Odinga also objects to the Oct 17 date set by the electoral commission (IEBC), asserting that opposition parties had not been consulted. Odinga's opposition Nasa alliance went to the Supreme Court to challenge Kenyatta's win, arguing that the results had been tampered with during transmission from the polling stations. Odinga has contested and lost the last three presidential elections in Kenya. Each time, he has said the vote was rigged against him.

Odinga's conditions include the removal of some officials at the election board. He wants criminal investigations to be opened against them. According to the BBC, Odinga told a news conference, "You cannot do a mistake twice and expect to get different results.“

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