The WNF delivers . . .

  • Some 350 future world news stories per year in 48 issues of the email WNF Bulletin
  • Password access to the WNF database of 150-plus world news stories for the year ahead. The complete outlook can be downloaded into a member’s own database.
  • A search facility for locating related content in current listings and the archive

Benefit from the long view on world affairs

The WNF is designed for newsgatherers, newsmakers and anyone else who benefits from the long view on world affairs. Global information is sifted for stories strong enough to create headlines when the future – becomes the present. They are objective, non-partisan and authoritative – and hand-selected  by news professionals.


US $300 every 12 months

Please read Terms of Use

WNF stories cover . . .

virtually any content suitable for the news sections of world-class publications and broadcast media – examples: summits of world or regional leaders, the major meetings of international organizations such as NATO and the G8, elections and inaugurations, milestone anniversaries and birthdays, significant court events, annual events that offer a storyline, movie releases, awards ceremonies and sporting events of global interest.

Using the WNF service

New members typically download the WNF database stories into their own database, and add the WNF Bulletin content to it each week, updating downloaded material according to their needs.

Benefit from saving time and money

Need a head start on time-consuming and costly research? WNF stories come supplied with essential who-what-where-when-why details – and with context and links to more information.

Early bird planners benefit from better services and prices on location.

Benefit from being the first to know

Imagine the strategic advantages of being the first to know! Advance notice – up to one year ahead – provides time to plan and budget for action when the finger is not on the panic button.

And advance planning is the key to award-winning news coverage and a competitive edge in any field.

WNF sources and attribution

Primary source material originates from individuals and organizations via their web sites or phone. Secondary source material originates from trusted publications, attributed to the source in the story where appropriate. Less trusted sources, such as state-sponsored news releases, are used when unavoidable, and are always attributed so members can weigh the value of the information. Additional information can be found in the links included at the end of each story.

WNF members?

The news industry and providers of services to the news industry comprise the largest sector of WNF members. Others over two decades have been as varied as the World Bank, United Nations agencies, investment companies and the US Department of Commerce. The following will also find the service invaluable: newsmakers, celebrities, university departments of journalism and government affairs, and the insurance, banking, travel and hospitality industries.

Some WNF rates are adjustable

The United Nations and its agencies; regional blocs, such as the European Union and APEC, and their affiliates; international defense and policing entities, such as NATO and INTERPOL; and charities are eligible for special rates. Details:


We have a no-refund policy on subscriptions due to the nature of the content. We provide the opportunity to sample the service at no charge with the WNF Preview on the home page. 
Membership requires Members to respect our copyright. There is an embargo on the external republication of the World News Forecast.
Information in individual stories, however, can be incorporated in a Member's external output. Attribution is preferred, but not required. 
Members may republish the World News Forecast throughout their organization, but not externally, except by negotiation with NewsAhead International.