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Inconvenient climate documentary aired 10 years ago

May 24, 2016 - UNITED STATES

The 10th anniversary of the release of An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore's controversial documentary on climate change - falls five months after world leaders agreed in Paris to act on the kind of planet-warming emissions the film highlighted a decade ago. The former United States vice-president's message also provoked the lobby for climate-denial, support for which promises to spike again if he produces a sequel.

The space of a decade has not seen any noticeable lessening of either the hostility to the message, or the funding for lobbying as the documentary's message threatens the bottom line of the fossil fuel industry. In the United States the issue has merged with politically conservative movements and even religion.

U.S. Congressman James Inhofe, the Oklahoma Republican who chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee, has regularly labelled man-made global warming a hoax.

Environmentalists have fought back, citing studies that support the bones of Gore's contentions. The documentary won an Academy Award and Gore himself won the Nobel Peace Prize the year after its release.

In Apr 2014, a Hollywood Reporter exclusive revealed that discussions about a sequel to the documentary, which grossed nearly U.S. $50 million worldwide, were under way.

CNN reported a survey in 2012 that revealed 6 in 10 Americans believe extreme weather events are related to climate change, but more than a third of Americans see recent extreme weather as a sign that the world is in biblical end times.

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Date written/update: 2016-04-06