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Expanded Farnborough International Airshow a bellwether?

July 19, 2010 - ENGLAND

The 2010 Farnborough International Airshow might seem like an anticlimax after the last show, when spectacles celebrating Farnborough's 60th anniversary and 100 years of powered flight in Britain entertained visitors. In 2010 organizers are relying on a "sensational" air show and expanded exhibition facilities to impress patrons. A comparison of sales figures from Farnborough 2008, when 312 planes were sold, and Farnborough 2010 could be read as a gauge of the state of the global economy.

The worst economic contraction in decades has hurt civilian aviation the world over, prompting bankers to clamp down on loans for new aircraft. Ahead of this year's International Paris Air Show, which alternates every other year with Farnborough, the International Air Traffic Association predicted that the airline industry would lose $9 billion in 2009, the result of a projected 8 per cent drop in passenger traffic and a 17 per cent drop in cargo. Military aircraft sales are reported to be in a better state. As a lure for Farnborough visitors, the organizers promise that the "flying display will be a spectacle to eclipse all those ever seen before -; the most sensational display of the very latest and the very greatest international aircraft both trade and public visitors will ever witness in one place." Dec/09

Farnborough 2010 air show

Buyers balk at "world's most expensive show" (Times 17 Nov 2009)

Date written/update: 2010-07-19