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Deadline for removal Syrian chemical weapons

June 30, 2014 - SYRIA

The deadline given by the United Nations Security Council to President Bashar Assad to rid Syria of chemical weapons.

Deliveries to the ship that will carry them to sea for destruction have been missed, and doubts are growing that the June deadline will be met. His decision to give up the stockpile helped him avoid international reprisals for an attack with the nerve agent sarin near Damascus on 21 Aug 2013 that killed hundreds of people. The Syrian government and rebels blamed each other for the attack. Syria's three-year civil war has killed more than 100,000 people and caused millions to flee, according to UN figures.

OPCW-UN mission: Syria chemical weapons deadline will not be met: (UN 28 Dec 2013)

U.N. suggests removal of Syria chemicals unnecessarily delayed (Reuters 28 Jan 2014)

More Syrian chemical arms toxins shipped out, inspectors say (Reuters 27 Jan 2014)

Date written/update: 2014-05-15