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Catholic “Walk for Life” opposes Duterte policies

February 18, 2017 - PHILIPPINES

Catholic bishops will stage a "Walk for Life" in Manila to oppose drug-related killings, the death penalty, and other measures labeled by the Catholic Church as "anti-life," including proposed laws on divorce and same-sex unions.

The event, also called a "grand procession," will take place at the Quirino Grandstand Parade Ground.

More than 6,200 people have died in the war on drugs waged by the President Rodrigo Duterte's administration since his election in June 2016.

The organisers also oppose Duterte's policies on birth control. A Catholic like 80 percent of the population, Duterte has nevertheless made reproductive health a priority, convinced that economic growth can only be sustained by giving people the means to limit or space out births.

In Jan 2016 Duterte issued an executive order directing agencies to fund and enforce a family planning programme to ensure free access to birth control, sidestepping a Supreme Court order of 2012 that prevented full implementation of the government's Reproductive Health Law. The court order ensured that access to artificial birth control methods remains difficult in the country of over 100 million people.

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Date written/update: 2017-01-20