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Archive for February 2009

Launch of Sun-watching spacecraft a milestone

February 9, 2009 - UNITED STATES

When NASA launches its Solar Dynamics Observatory, a new Sun-watching spacecraft that is an element of the agency’s Living with a Star project, from Cape Canaveral in Florida, it will be the 20th launch for the Atlas V. The milestone raises the question of whether the days are numbered for both the Atlas V and Delta IV rockets if NASA’s Ares rocket is developed. Ares I, an element of NASA’s Constellation Program, is envisioned as the rocket that will carry astronauts back to the Moon.

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Population meeting a red flag for pro-life groups

February 9, 2009 - BERLIN

Germany hosts the Global Forum of the International Conference on Population and Development at 15 (ICPD at 15). Under the United Nations umbrella, it brings together NGOs from around the world to review progress in meeting overall reproductive health care needs, particularly for women. The goal represents a red flag for the Vatican, and at least one Catholic publication is protesting that the forum won’t seat pro-life NGOs. The meeting also marks the 15th anniversary of the ICPD.

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