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10th International Energy Conference

October 26, 2014 - IRAN

The 10th International Energy Conference convenes in Tehran on 26-27 Aug 2014.

The biennial IEC meeting is one of scores of energy-related meetings around the world, but it stands out as a sidebar to the dispute with the West over Iran's atomic program. Negotiations are under way between Iran and six world powers to end the long standoff. The Tehran meeting offers a reminder of the country's pre-sanctions prominence in the production of uncontroversial fuels, inviting a look at the impact of the international penalties on its energy output. The meeting also invites a look at Iran's growing interest in renewables. The conference theme is: Efficiency in Resource Management, Excellency in Energy Industry. The conference, organized by Iranian National Energy Committee, a member of the World Energy Council, brings together industry figures and technical experts in the energy sector.

National Energy Committee of Iran

World Energy Council

Date written/update: 2014-03-20